Monday, 29 September 2014

U.F.October 2014 - My To Do List

I did a bit of a clean up of the craft room in preparation for U.F.October 2014. Without much digging around, I found a rather impressive collection of UFO's. There is no way I am going to get through them all, so I needed to make some decisions. Why not just tackle them one at a time? Well, because I get distracted easily and witho...SQUIRREL!

Let's just say I needed a plan of attack before they all ended up back in the UFO pile for another year.

Firstly, I clearly defined what UFO meant to me and discarded anything that didn't fit into that category. My UFO criteria was:
  • I had to have actually started the project. This ruled out any piles of fabrics and bookmarked pages of potential projects.
  • It had to be a project I wanted to see finished. I have a few UFO's that I'm not happy with so don't want to waste precious time on them.
  • I wanted to tackle projects that either only had a few things left to do, or would be beneficial for my blog. I.e. quilting projects with associated tutorials.
I also defined what 'finished' meant. I know this sounds a bit weird, but finished for me doesn't always mean a completed product.  For example, sometimes my goal is to create a quilt top even though I have no plans to quilt it immediately.

Finally I narrowed it down to the following:

Starting from the top left:
  1. A cross stitch I started about 20 years ago, complete with yellowing canvas and probably permanent hoop stretching. Might I add, this only has a few outline stitches to go but it still sits there unfinished...mocking me.
  2. My disappearing nine quilt. In my defense, I was waiting for the rest of the fabric to arrive, but it's here now so time to get cracking.
  3. My HST quilt that I blogged about here and still haven't progressed with. I'm really not happy with it but have a sneaking suspicion it will look better once it's all together.
  4. A pair of shorts I made for Mr Sew Today that only need to be taken in. Seriously, this will probably only take an hour yet has sat there for a year.
  5. The remainder of my Fat Quarter Shop 2013 Designer Mystery BOM blocks. I just want to finish the blocks. I don't even care if I get them sewn together yet. They keep getting pushed aside and it doesn't seem right that, at this rate, the 2014 one will be finished first.
  6. I want to quilt and bind at least one of the seven? quilt tops I have here.
  7. A crochet spider for Poppet that I know she'll love but I only got as far as two legs. Another short project that shouldn't have been UFO'd at all.
There you have it. My list for #UFOctober2014. What's on your agenda?


  1. My UFO's for October are all house related as we have been renovating but hopefully I can get some sewing done in between and when the kids go back to school!

  2. Oooo renovations. I'd love to see them. Might motivate me to finish some of he things I've started around here hahaha.