The Thrifty Quilter

The Thrifty Quilter
The Thrifty Quilter is a casual, fun series where I look at thrifter options for my creative endeavours. The projects will be both sewing and quilting. For example, upcycling clothing into a bag, using second hand goods to make a quilt, or even finding thrifted items suitable as a replacement for quilt batting.

An Introduction to The Thrifty Quilter


  1. I shall be watching this section eagerly, for inspiration and ideas....I have purchased several 'sheets' to recycle into quilts etc, but haven't taken the plunge just yet, as I'm not sure how to tackle it....seems strange when the ideology behind quilting is essentially to cut large pieces of fabric into small pieces and sew them back together to form a large piece of fabric again lol however, maybe with some inspiration from another thrifty quilter, I'll finally start cutting into my stack of vintage-y sheets lol


    1. I always struggle cutting into things so this should be interesting. I have second-hand clothes I've specifically bought to chop up for a project, that I've then put aside because it's "still in good condition". Now they sit in a box hahahaha.