Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Run and Play Bag Sew-Along: Day Four

Run and Play Bag Sew-Along: Day Four

We’ve passed the halfway mark and are on the home stretch of our bag. Here are the links to previous posts for quick reference.

Today’s sewing is super quick to allow you time to catch up from previous days. We will simply create the flap ready for joining all the pieces tomorrow.

Magnetic Snap
Install the other side of your magnetic snap just as you did yesterday. Here is a reminder of my hints and tips:

  • Be sure to double check your measurements before cutting the slits for your snap.
  • I like to use my seam ripper to make the slits for the magnetic snap. Simply start at one end of the line you've drawn and slice to the other end. Be careful though. It is easy to use too much force and end up cutting a slit much longer than is required.
  • Once the magnetic snap is in place, put the piece face down on your table and push the prongs of the snap outwards. Some prongs bend with little force while others require quite a bit more. 

Magnetic Snap on Flap
Magnetic Snap
Creating your Flap
  • Pin your external and lining pieces well to avoid them moving when sewing together.
  • When you reach the corner angles leave your needle down, lift the presser foot, and gently turn the fabric, taking care to keep the raw edges aligned. It can help to draw the intersection of your seam allowance at corner angles to pinpoint where the needle should fall before turning the fabric.
  • Remember to clip the corners before turning the flap out the right way. This will help give your flap sharp, precise angles.
  • Press the flap to make sure everything is sitting neatly. The aim is to not see the lining fabric from the front.
  • Topstitching will give a great finish to your flap, and will help the layers sit neatly. I find increasing my stitch length slightly helps keep my topstitching neat and tidy. 
Completed Flap
Completed Flap

I told you today would be nice and quick. Tomorrow we will gather all of the pieces and finish our bag. Remember to share your creations in the Facebook group 2 Ladybugs, 4 Little Monsters and a Pattern Lover Group or on Instragram using the hashtag #runandplaysal.


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