Sunday, 15 November 2015

Run and Play Bag Sew-Along: Day One

Run and Play Bag Sew-Along

Last Monday I announced the very exciting news that I would be hosting a sew-along for the great new Run and Play Bag by Aussie designer, For My Little Monster. You can read all about it here, including details of the fantastic prizes up for grabs!!!

By now you should have printed your pattern and have your fabric, interfacing and fleece/stabiliser cut out and ready to go. If you're not at this point yet don't panic. I have broken each day into very small sections so you will easily be able to catch up should life get in the way (as it nearly always does).
Pieces cut and ready to sew
All cut up and ready to sew
Today we will be tackling the first step of the pattern: Attach Your Stabilisers. This is super easy, helps you familiarise yourself with the pattern and is a great chance to confirm that you have all the bits and pieces needed.

Hint: Keep the paper pattern pieces pinned to the relevant fabric/interfacing/fleece pieces for easy reference and to help stay organised.

I started by fusing the medium weight interfacing to the required pieces. Here are a few tips when doing this:
  1. Check that you have the glue side of the interfacing (usually the shinier side) against the wrong side of the fabric. You don't want to be fusing interfacing to the right side of the fabric or worse, to your iron!
  2. Press and hold the iron on the fabric, rather than moving it back and forward as you would when ironing clothes. This will prevent the pieces from stretching or moving under the iron.
  3. Press for about 5 - 10 seconds in each spot and confirm that the glue has taken hold. If not, press again. Be sure to fuse to the entire piece of fabric. Don't miss a spot.
  4. I sometimes find it helpful to lightly spray the fabric with water and then press. It seems to help with the fusing process (of course, it could all be in my head too).
  5. Use a pressing cloth if you're that way inclined. I do if I'm worried about marking my fabric.
  6. Take your time. It's worth the few extra minutes to have your pieces fused perfectly.
If you find any interfacing hanging over the edge of the fabric once fused, trim it back. This makes life much easier when trying to align raw edges later on.
Fusible interfacing attached
Fusible interfacing attached
Next attach the fusible fleece/foam stabiliser. I opted for the foam because it's what I had on hand (though I did use fleece for the shoulder strap pieces). 

If you're using fusible fleece, you can apply the same technique as with the fusible interfacing. If you're using foam, then baste it to the wrong side of the fabric by stitching approximately 1/8'' around the edges. Make sure the fabric is nice and taught, though not stretched, against the foam. You don't want any puckers.

Again, trim any excess fleece/foam so that your pieces are shaped as per the pattern.
Fleece/Foam attached
Fleece/Foam attached
Finally, transfer the darts from the pattern pieces to the wrong side of your fabric/fleece/foam. I did this a little differently (i.e. lazier) than the way shown in the pattern.

Place the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric, aligning the edges.
Lay down the pattern piece
Lay down the pattern piece
 Fold the pattern along the first dart leg and draw a line.
Fold and draw along the first leg
Fold and draw along the first leg
Repeat for the second leg have a dart. This isn't the most accurate of techniques so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it in garment making, but it works fine here.
Repeat for the second dart leg
Repeat for the second dart leg
That's where we will leave things today. You should now have all of your pieces cut, stabilised, and darts transferred.  Tomorrow we will be working on the straps and internal pocket.
Ready for the next step.
Ready for the next step.
Don't forget to head on over to the 2 Ladybugs, 4 Little Monsters and a Pattern Lover Group on Facebook and post photos of your progress. You can also join in on Instragram using the hashtag #runandplaysal.


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