Sunday, 8 November 2015

Run and Play Bag Sew-Along

Exciting news!!! I have been approached by the lovely Emma, of For My Little Monster, to host a sew-along for her new pattern, the Run and Play Bag.

Run and Play Bag
This bag is great for beginners and includes the instructions for both a shoulder strap and a cross-body strap. The angled curve, on the front flap, makes your bag wonderfully unique and eye catching.

The pattern is available through the For My Little Monster Etsy Store and, for the month of November, there will be a 25% off discount when using the code RUNANDPLAYSAL.

Tester Photo - Jacquie
Run and Play Bag by Jacquie
Photo used with For My Little Monster's permission
How will the sew-along run?
Over the course of next week, Monday 16th November 2015 – Friday 20th November 2015, I will release a series of blog posts to assist you in sewing your very own Run and Play Bag. This will include my own little hints and tips to make your sewing journey as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. You will still need the full Run and Play Bag pattern, so be sure to purchase your own copy using the link above (don’t forget to use your discount code!!!).

You may also wish to join the 2 Ladybugs, 4 Little Monsters and a Pattern Lovers Group on Facebook to keep up to date with the blog posts, see photos from fellow sew-alongers, and generally just enjoy the community atmosphere that this sew along will bring.

Now for the really big news. The sew-along doesn’t just end on Friday 20th November. No siree, Bob.  You have until 30th November 2015 to complete your bag and upload photos onto Instagram or Facebook to be in the running for these awesome prizes:

Prize Pack 1
Prize Pack 1
Prize Pack 2
Prize Pack 2
Prize Pack 3
Prize Pack 3
How do I enter?
You can enter this competition through either Instagram or Facebook:
  • To enter via Instagram, simply post a photo of your completed bag alongside the hashtag #runandplaysalentry (progress photos can be tagged with #runandplaysal)

  • To enter via Facebook, simply upload a photo of your completed bag into the relevant album in the Facebook Group.
Emma and I will then select our favourite Run and Play Bags. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner. We aren’t interested in the best sewing or most expensive fabric. We will be looking for bags that we find the most visually appealing. Have a long, hard think about interesting fabric combinations, embellishments, or anything else that will make your bag stand out from the crowd.
Tester Photo - Melisa
Run and Play Bag by Melisa
Photo used with For My Little Monster's permission
Tester Photo - Susie
Run and Play Bag by Susie
Photo used with For My Little Monster's permission
Tester Photo - Maria
Run and Play Bag by Maria
Photo used with For My Little Monster's permission
Terms and Conditions
This competition is being run by Emma of For My Little Monster. Full terms and conditions can be found HERE.

What do I need?
By next Monday, you will need all of the requirements listed in your pattern. I am using materials I have laying around home, so have opted for Annie’s Soft and Stable (a foam stabiliser) in place of the Fusible Fleece.

Interfacing and hardware can be found at Handbag Hardware Australia and fabric through Clair's Fabrics.

Have all of your pieces cut and ready to go for Monday and we can all start this exciting adventure together.

Remember to follow us on the following social media channels:
2 Ladybugs, 4 Little Monsters and a Pattern Lovers Group

Use the hashtag #runandplaysal for your progress shots and #runandplaysalentry for your competition entry.

See you back here next Monday for our first exciting installment of the Run and Play Bag Sew-Along.


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