Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I Support Local: World of Mik

I Support Local: World of Mik
I Support Local: World of Mik
Today I am taking I Support Local on a little adventure away from sewing and quilting to spend some time with a lovely Australian artist.

I first stumbled upon Mikhaila in a Facebook business group. Impressed by both her positive attitude and willingness to help others, I simply had to check out her Facebook page (World of Mik). Immediately I knew I had to get my hands on some of her artwork. It was a tough decision to make, but I ended up purchasing this lovely little pear for Poppet's room.
World of Mik: Pear
Image Property of World of Mik
It looks even more awesome in person. I really love how it is both a little simple and a little complex. It brightens the room without needing to be the centre of attention. It's like that quiet friend we all have. She rarely talks, but it's just not a party unless she's there.

Tell us more about World of Mik?
World of Mik is all about art work designed for kids (or the young at heart). I started the business at the beginning of this year as I felt like doing something brave. I also wanted to do something for myself, as a SAHM of three young children I was looking for a creative outlet and a challenge. I enjoy drawing and painting and thought why not see if I could sell some of my art?
World of Mik: Bunny Rabbit
Image Property of World of Mik
What is your speciality?
I specialise in pen drawings which are made of lots of little drawings within a bigger shape.
World of Mik: Dinosaur
Image Property of World of Mik
Do you have a personal favourite in the artwork you sell? 
I have a soft spot for my dinosaur drawings. The dinosaur is the first design I came up with when starting the business and I still feel it is one of my most effective designs (it is also my daughters favourite)
World of Mik: Dinosaur
Image Property of World of Mik
What do you love about being an Australian business?
I love that people are supportive of Australian businesses and appreciate that you are having a go at it.

Why do you think supporting local business is important?
It is important to support local business because if they are not supported they won't survive. The are a lot of talented people out there who need support to be able to keep doing what they do best. It is also for the economy, of course.
World of Mik: Balloon
Image Property of World of Mik
Do you have any suggestions on how we can support local business more?
I think the simplest way you can support local business is to look for them when you need a service or product, rather than heading straight to a big overseas company. There are so many hard working Australian business owners out there so we should all try to use them as often as we can. 

Word of mouth is also a valuable tool of support, you might discover a great local business but you have no use for their product or service - don't just forget them. Keep their details and pass the info on to others who might have a use for it. 
World of Mik: Superhero Mask
Image Property of World of Mik
Where can we find you?

I am all over the place:

Etsy store:
Madeit store:

A huge thanks to Mikhaila for taking the time to be a part of I Support Local. I encourage you all to check out her gorgeous work and leave you with the cutest of cute temptations.

Rach xx
World of Mik: Baby Deer
Image Property of World of Mik

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