Saturday, 16 May 2015

One Thimble Issue 7 - Bedtime Buddies Pattern Review

Bedtime Buddies Pattern Review for the One Thimble Issue 7 Blog Hop

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If you aren't already aware, the latest issue of One Thimble digital magazine is now available...and it is AWESOME!!! I raced out to grab my copy (OK, OK, I sat by the fire and casually downloaded it in the comfort of my own home) and I have not been disappointed. Filled with gorgeous patterns, informative articles and inspiring photos I can assure you this magazine is well worth the money.
One Thimble Issue 7 Out Now
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Needless to say, when Jen was asking for bloggers to take part in a blog tour I was waving my hand in the air shouting 'Pick me, Miss, pick me!' in the most energetic way possible. It obviously worked because I was given the pleasure of reviewing the Bedtime Buddies pattern by Threading Rainbows.
One Thimble Threading Rainbows Bedtime buddies
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As soon as I saw this pattern I was excited. It's been a while since I'd made a doll and I couldn't get started fast enough. I can see many possibilities with this. Costumes, colours, hairstyles. There really is no limit. It also has the practical side of being a pyjama holder so you can almost convince yourself that you're sewing to help with the cleaning. (You've seen my blog name...I can pretty much find an excuse anywhere to avoid cleaning).
Bedtime Buddies by Threading Rainbows
Enjoying what little sunshine we have.
The best part is that, because it's a larger doll, there weren't a lot of the fiddly problems I often have with smaller items (if you've ever tried turning teeny tiny legs the right way out, you'll know what I'm talking about).  The hints and tips provided throughout the pattern were a great help.

I really love the hair. Super cute and so easy to make.
A close up of the Bedtime Buddies hair.
I want some crazy hair.
I also love the face. With the possibility to draw, applique or stitch it really does make this pattern friendly for all interests.
Bedtime buddies Face
Bedtime Buddies Selfie
Poppet was really impressed with her new friend and she was quickly whisked away into their pirate ship for the start of many adventures together. I haven't even had a chance to fill her with pyjamas yet.
A cardboard tube and laundry basket...why do I spend money on expensive toys???
Now to figure out which pattern to tackle next :/

One Thimble Issue 7 Out Now

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