Tuesday, 29 July 2014

W.I.P Wednesday - UFO No More

WIP Wednesday - UFO No More
UFO No More
I was digging around in my craft room on the weekend and found a project that I had started earlier in the year, but, never got around to finishing. It's not particularly difficult. I just could never be bothered trimming the 80 squares hahaha.

Thanks to my new toy, however, I'm well on my way to another completed UFO (Unfinished Object). What could possibly make trimming blocks a breeze? Why, a rotating cutting mat of course. 
Trim the first side
Spin him around
And trim the next side.
How cool is that???

This project was so simple. Two layer cakes, one patterned and one white, sewn into half-square triangles (HSTs). I love HSTs as I find them an easy way to add interesting shapes and angles to your quilt.

They can, however, open up a whole can of design worms.
My original plan...
...or maybe one of these?
Now if I can just make a decision on the layout, I will be able to finish this quilt once and for all. 

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