Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Great Craft Room Clean Up - Starting Positive

It's Friday and that means it's time to organise the disaster zone I call my craft room. I thought we'd start things off on a positive note and have a closer look at some of the things I'm actually doing right. 

Thread and Bobbins
I have tried a zillion ways to store threads and bobbins...all of which ended up in a big tangled thready mess. It also drives me insane when I can't find the bobbin that matches a particular thread. After searching high and low for ideas, I found this (I can't remember where, so I can't give credit unfortunately). 
Simple, but effective.
This works perfectly. The rubber band both keeps the bobbin with the thread and stops the threads from unraveling. I just pop these onto a thread stand and I'm always ready to sew...assuming I can find my machine.

Needles and Machine Feet
These were an endless source of frustration for me. I was constantly losing my extra needles and feet until I came up with this idea. 
Needles neatly stored
Extra sewing machine feet, with instructions.
I've used spare beading containers to hold all the bits and pieces for my machine. As you can see, I've even labelled the extra feet and keep the instructions with them. Genius. 

Fun Toy
Finally, I wanted to show you my favourite sewing toy. You may have used one before but if not, you should run out and buy one right now. I just love this little guy. 
My favourite sewing toy
My magnetic pin tray. I started using one of these in sewing classes and have never looked back. They're great because your pins are always together, it's hard to knock them over, you can easily throw pins in them when sewing and, if you do happen to drop any pins, you can just wave this over the floor and it will pick them up for you. How brilliant is that? 

How do you organise your bits and pieces? I'd love to hear your ideas below or on my Facebook page

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