Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Cushion Cover Tutorial

Cushion Cover with Zipper Closure

I originally posted this last year, so it may look familiar. I really wanted to show you again since I know you're running around looking for teacher gifts, secret Santa ideas and whatever other wackiness takes place from now until the New Year. I had intended on chopping out the extra bits and just have the tutorial...but how seriously cute are those bags!!!

Last Christmas I decided to get a little crafty and give a few handmade gifts. Naturally, I left this decision until the last minute and only had time to whip up these lined totes (aren't they pretty?).

Fancy Totes
Lined totes just in time for Christmas.
I had some more fabric from this beautiful range and wanted to make Mum something a little different, so I chose some cushion covers. The following tutorial was made on the fly so please don't hesitate to ask questions if any of the steps aren't clear.

You will need:
Cushion insert - I chose 16" (41cm) square cushions
Light/Medium iron-on interfacing - I used medium because it happened to be laying around.
A Zip an inch or so shorter than your cushion insert - I cut mine down to be about 15". There's 14'' from zipper pull to the stopper.

The following measurements use a 1/2" seam allowance. If you like a bigger or smaller allowance, you will need to adjust your measurements accordingly.

Cut two 17'' squares of fabric and two 16" squares of interfacing. I'm using interfacing to give a little strength and body to my cushion covers. They will be getting a lot of use, so I'd hate for them to wear out too quickly.

Cut your fabric and interfacing.
Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of each piece of fabric. I like to leave the edges free of interfacing so as not to create too much bulk.

Iron the interfacing to the wrong side, keeping the edges clear.
Overlock/Overcast all four edges of each piece of fabric. This is purely option but it will prevent the fabric from fraying.

Overlock all edges.
Place two piece right sides together and pin the bottom edge. I like my zip to be on the bottom so it is less visible.

Pin the bottom seam, right sides together. 
On each end of the seam, mark in 1 1/2".  This is where the zipper pull and zipper stopper will be positioned.

Mark both ends where the zipper pull and zipper stopper are to sit.
Sew as you would for a normal seam, up to the first mark. Once you reach the mark, backstitch a few times to add a little strength. Increase your stitch length and continue to sew until you reach the second mark (1 1/5" from the end). Change back to a normal stitch length, backstitch a few times and sew to the end.

The stitches between the two marks are simply to tack the seam together to make positioning the zip easier. They will be removed once the zip is in place. The stitches beyond the marks, to the corners, will remain.

Sew the seam, using long basting/tacking stitches in between the two marks.
Iron the seam open.

Iron the seam.
Position the zipper teeth on the seam, with the zipper pull facing down. The zipper pull should sit on one mark and the stopper on the other. I have used both fabric glue and pins to keep the zip in place.

Position the zipper between the marks, with the teeth along the seam.
Change your sewing machine foot to your zipper foot. Starting just behind the zipper pull, sew down one side until you reach the zipper stopper. Turn and sew over the stopper. Then turn and sew up the other side until you're back to where you started, but on the other side of the zip.

Sew down one side.
Turn and sew over the zipper stopper before continuing up the other side.
On the right side, unpick the tacked seam between the zipper pull and zipper stopper. Do not unpick past these points or you will unpick the seam. You simply want to create an opening so you can actually use the zip.

Unpick the tacked seam between the zipper pull and zipper stopper.
Open the zip half way.

Open the zip half way.
With right sides together, pin and sew the remaining three sides of the cushion cover.

Pin and sew the remaining three sides.
Turn the cover right sides out through the zipper opening. Press the cover, insert the cushions...and now you have a beautiful cushion cover with zipper closure.

Mum's finished Christmas present. Better late than never right? 
Perfect for a last minute gift idea, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Thank you for this tutorial. I wanted to make a cushion but was intimidated by the zipper. You made it so simple to follow. Really appreciate your sharing! Ann D.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback Ann. I'm really glad you liked the tutorial :)

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