Sunday, 13 July 2014

Join me for a Fantastic Quiltastic Adventure

It's nearly time for our Fantastic Quiltastic Adventure to begin and I thought this was a good time to explain what it's all about. 

What is the Fantastic Quiltastic Adventure?
Over the coming weeks we will be dipping our toes into the vast quilting ocean. Each week I will release a new tutorial to walk you through how to construct a basic quilt, from fabric selection to the completed quilt. I will also discuss some of the tools and terminology that you may need if when you catch the quilting bug.

Our adventure schedule is as follows:
  • Week One: Fabric, Tools and Other Toys (Monday 21st July 2014)
  • Week Two: Piecing the Quilt Top (Monday 28th July 2014)
  • Week Three: Quilting, Quilting, Quilting (Monday 4th August 2014)
  • Week Four: Binding and Finishing the Quilt (Monday 11th August 2014) 

Who is this adventure for?
This has been designed with beginners in mind. Perhaps you're experienced with sewing and now have your eyes on a quilt? Or you're a complete beginner and can only sew a straight line? Either way, this is for you.

What will we be making?
Without giving away too much, we will be making a very basic quilt, approximately 36'' x 45'', using 5'' squares of fabric. There will be no fancy cutting, points or borders. There is also no need for specialist tools like rotary cutters, rulers and cutting mats. The exception to this is a walking foot that you will need for the quilting in week three. We will discuss this more next week in Fabric, Tools and Other Toys.

Where to from here?
The real adventure beings next week when we discuss the fabric and tools you will need. Until then, please join our Facebook group, Fantastic Quiltastic Adventure, and introduce yourself to the rest of the adventurers.

Most importantly, remember that this is a fun adventure of learning so grab a drink with a teeny tiny umbrella, sit back and enjoy the journey.

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