Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Holiday Treat to Me

Mum kindly took Pepper off my hands today so I could pack, clean and generally prepare for our week away. Naturally, I did what any self-respecting crafter does. I used the opportunity to make myself a bag.

I really wanted something very basic to take on the plane. Something that, unlike my handbag, would happily be scrunched into my suitcase without losing its dignity. It also had to be quick to make and use my existing stash. I didn't really feel like fiddling around with zips or clasps, so I decided to leave those out too. 

I came up with this easy, two pocket shoulder bag. The back pocket folds over the front to form a flap.

Fold Over Shoulder Bag
The Fold Over Shoulder Bag
You can unfold it for extra space for tall items like magazines...
Unfold the flap to fit magazines.
...or tuck the flap into the front pocket to form a closure.
Tuck the flap in to form a closure.
As you can see, the front pocket as ample space for a book.
Front Pocket
And the back pocket will hold my exercise book, iPad, lolly snakes and all my other holiday flight necessities.
Back Pocket
I'm really happy with how it turned out. A few tweaks (I want the flap to be bigger) and I see a tutorial on the horizon. After our holiday, of course ; )


  1. Looks nifty - that back flap/pocket is a great safety idea. Have a good trip.

    1. Thanks Debra. It will be a lovely break :)