Sunday, 17 November 2013

Breaking the Circle of Criticism

Day one of the The Challenge and I have come to the firm conclusion that I have a problem. I am entirely too critical of my projects.

"Pfft. So what? We all do that!", I hear you say. you do it before you even start?

I have this ever-increasing number of patterns that have been excitedly purchased only to be tossed aside, minutes later, in the customary self-berating period. The standard criticism seems to be "stop being lazy, you should be creating this from scratch!". Fair enough, if I were some sort of magical-pattern-making-fairy, but I'm not...and I really want some new pants.

So, in addition to my challenge, I am going to give myself permission to not know everything, immediately. I will use the patterns and kits I have already purchased and display my achievements with pride. Even when they originated in the mind of another genius...*ahem* I mean 'crafter'.

I'm off now to dig through my collection and find something worthy of this new way of thinking. I'll then grab a butterfly net and see if I can catch one of those magical-pattern-making-fairies. I bet she'll come in mighty handy one day.

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