Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Challenge...

For the umpteenth weekend in a row, I have spent the morning trying to figure where the heckity I'm going to store all my craft supplies. From fabric to wool, books to bobbins, I have come to the firm conclusion that I simply have too much stuff. Not counting machines, I have multiple 52L tubs filled to the brim with supplies. I stopped counting at 12.

The hoarder in me says "WINNER!", but the mother in me is a little embarrassed and ashamed at my wasteful spending. Actually, I shouldn't say 'wasteful' as it's certainly not that. My hobbies bring me great joy and I'm a firm believer that there's not much point in working, beyond earning enough to survive, if you don't have a little fun with your money. I have simply taken things a little too far.

This brings me to 'The Challenge'.  I have set myself the challenge that I have to use my existing supplies before buying any new ones.

Now, I'm not an ogre, so I have set a few kind exceptions to the rule:
  1. Gifts from (or for) others don't count. Likewise, I'm allowed to ask for craft goodies for Christmas *PHEW*.
  2. Books don't count either. I believe that books should be bought in abundance and cherished for a lifetime. One day I hope to see my own name among those in my collection...but that's another story.
  3. I am allowed, within reason, to buy supplies to complete a project. For example, zippers, buttons, coordinating plain fabric etc. However, I am only allowed to buy these items when needed for a specific purpose. 
  4. Finally, I'm allowed to replace current tools if they're of a poor quality. For example, I have a gazillion knitting needles. All of which are pretty much rubbish. I plan on replacing these with quality sets...but only when they are needed.
I've decided I won't be setting myself a time frame for this challenge. My goal is simply that my collection must fit in the drawers and shelves I currently have set aside for craft. No more tubs against walls or boxes under beds. The bare minimum is all I need.

So there you have it. The dawn of a new era for my craft life. Can I do it? Only time will tell...but boy I'm looking forward to trying.

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