Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Lovin' bloglovin'

Have you discovered the awesomeness of bloglovin' yet? It is now my number one tool for keeping up to date with blogs I follow.

Basically, you create yourself an account and then 'follow' blogs, like you would with any other social media tool. You can even set it to email you when a blog you follow has posted a new article!!! A great way to make sure you don't miss anything exciting...like fantastic sewing tutorials by a certain someone who shall remain nameless *cough cough*.

You may have even noticed the 'Follow this blog with bloglovin'' button on here or other super-cool sites. I particularly like that, as it means I don't have to remember the name of every page I stumble across. I can just click 'follow', and look into them some more when time allows.

Would you believe they even have an App!!!

If you're a blogger or a bloggee (hmmm...a blog reader?) then I highly recommend signing up and discovering this great way of managing your blogs. While you're there, maybe you'd even like to follow me...

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