Thursday, 17 September 2015

Desert Fox: One Thimble Issue 8

Desert Fox Softie - One Thimble 8

Let's talk Christmas. I know, I know, it's only September, but we of the handmade world do like to jump in early with our planning. I say 'planning' because let's face it...we'll all still be up on Christmas Eve frantically sewing away.

Anywho, when some of the other One Thimble boffins suggested a pattern swap, with the purpose of making a gift, I couldn't help but say "me, me, pick me!!!'.

I was lucky enough to be given the adorable Desert Fox pattern by Felt With Love Designs. I have been dying to make this little cutie since Issue 8 was released, so this was a perfect opportunity.
Fox in the flowers
Fox in the Flowers (weeds?)
I had grand plans of making Poppet a few brightly coloured foxes for Christmas, but she caught wind of my little project and firmly informed me that no, foxes were in fact brown, just like the picture in the magazine. Hence, a brown fox. She hasn't put him down since I finished and spent the entire time saying "Are his ears done yet?....what about now?".
Fox off to school
He was even dragged to school
Being me, I couldn't both use the same colours as the original AND follow the design without adding at least a little of my own flair, so I decided to hand sew it. Yup. This bad boy is 100% completely sewn by hand. I'm a little proud of this. I hardly even swore!!!
Fox in the sand
Feeling at right at home in the sandpit
You can purchase your own copy of One Thimble Issue 8 or the Desert Fox Pattern as a stand alone PDF here: One Thimble Issue 8 (Affiliate Link)

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Friday, September 18th
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  1. Love this little desert fox! So cute!!!

    1. Thanks :D He's still getting dragged around everywhere....including the sandpit hahaha

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