Sunday, 14 February 2016

Pattern Review: Summer Lovin' Beach Tote by two pretty poppets

two pretty poppets Summer Lovin Beach Tote 

Have you seen the BIG announcement from two pretty poppets? Lisa has just released her latest pattern and it's a beauty.

The Summer Lovin' Beach Tote comes equipped with five pockets outside (two on the front, one on the back, and one on each side)...

two pretty poppets Summer Lovin Beach Tote - outer pockets
Check out all that fabulous pocket space!!!
,,,three zipper pockets, plus one concealed zipper pocket inside

two pretty poppets Summer Lovin Beach Tote - internal pockets
Two zipper pockets this side
two pretty poppets Summer Lovin Beach Tote - internal zipper pockets
One zipper pocket this side, plus a concealed pocket at the top.
...and enough space in the bag itself for beach towels, drink bottles, lunch, and all the other bits and pieces you find yourself lugging to the beach. There is even a nifty divider to help keep everything organised. 
two pretty poppets Summer Lovin Beach Tote - internal bag
All of this in one bag!!!!!
Of course, all of these features are completely optional but I couldn't help myself and make everything available in the pattern. I think this will make a fantastic sewing retreat bag.

I was lucky enough to test this pattern and can tell you know, it's every bit as wonderful as Lisa's other patterns. I won't lie, she's a BIG bag but, if you follow the pattern, she's actually a relatively easy sew. As always Lisa has provided clear and concise written instructions and photos to help you every step of the way. Head on over to the two pretty poppets Facebook page to see more.

The Summer Lovin' Beach Tote is available through the two pretty poppets website.

I purchased all of my hardware for this bag through Handbag Hardware Australia.

Happy Sewing xx

two pretty poppets Summer Lovin Beach Tote


  1. Rachael, this is awesome! I love your fabric selection! Lisa's pattern looks amazing.

    1. Thanks Lovely xx. My pattern selection consisted of me staring at my stash for an hour going "What do I have the coordinates and is larger than a fat quarter?" hahahha I love how it turned out. It's going to be a great bag.

      And yes, Lisa's pattern is awesome (as always). I love her unique designs and her instructions are outstanding.

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