Friday, 17 July 2015

Pinwheel Cushion Pattern

Pinwheel Cushion Pattern Free PDF

Remember the Pinwheel Block Tutorial I released last week for the Blockalogue? I just couldn't get enough of them and ended up whipping up this funky cushion.

Pinwheel Cushion
Funky Pinwheel Cushion of Awesomeness
Pretty cool, right? I thought you'd say that, so I also whipped up this Free PDF Pattern: Pinwheel Cushion Pattern.

The pattern includes detailed instructions and diagrams for piecing the front of the cushion...

Sample piecing diagram from pattern
Look how great these diagrams are
...and for inserting the zip closure.

Sample zip diagram
I was a bit proud of my zip
There's even a sneaky little peek at an exciting big announcement I will be making next week.'ll have to download the pattern to find out.

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