Tuesday, 21 July 2015

I Support Local: Ms Midge - Domestic Quilting Goddess

Ms Midge: Domestic Quilting Goddess

If you can only follow one blogger in this crazy crafty world, then Ms Midge is the one. After me of course...oh, who am I kidding. I'd probably pack your bags, drive you to the airport, and look after your cats while you went off on a wild adventure with one who truly is a domestic quilting goddess.

Describing herself as having a contemporary style, Ms Midge's love for bright tones paired with grey, or even black backgrounds make for a veritable feast of inspirational eye-candy.

Kiss-Cross Quilt
Image Property of Ms Midge

Gorgeous, right? Well, it doesn't stop there. The reason I really wanted to showcase Ms Midge is because she shares two passions of mine: supporting Australian business and...Aurifil thread.

Aussie Aurifil Club
Image Property of Ms Midge

Aurifil offers a fantastic range of top quality threads, suitable for both hand and machine sewing. Their vast range of gorgeous colours will have you wearing gumboots lest you slip in a puddle of your own drool. 

Unfortunately, Aurifil can be hard to source in Australia but, never fear, Ms Midge is here. One of her very exciting projects is the Aussie Aurifil Club. Much like a fabric club, subscribers receive a collection of Aurifil threads each month, curated by fellow Aussie bloggers. If that's not awesome, then I don't know what is. 

Aussie Aurifil Club July
Image Property of Ms Midge

Ms Midge also hosts the increasingly popular Aussie Charm Swap. She finds Australian stores in which participants can source their fabric and approaches only Australian business for the sponsorship of prizes. Personally, I think this is an enormous leap forward for crafting in Australia.

Heather Bailey Charm Along
Image Property of Ms Midge

Finally, Ms Midge currently has only Australian businesses advertising on her blog. With the amazing effort she is putting in to increasing the exposure of the Australian craft industry, and supporting Australian business, I would love to see her be able to continue this. If you have an Australian craft business, then Ms Midge is definitely the person you should be approaching for advertising.

Pavement Puddles PDF Pattern
Image Property of Ms Midge

To see more Ms Midge awesomeness, visit:


Charm Dash PDF Pattern
Image Property of Ms Midge
I Support Local
Supporting Australian Business


  1. Thanks so much Rach! Great post ;)

    1. You're welcome :D Thanks again for participating...and for your ongoing support of the Aussie craft industry ; )

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