Thursday, 12 February 2015

Introducing...the Blockalogue


This is the last of the new series I am introducing and I am ridiculously excited!!! I have had the idea for quite some time now and am finally ready to release it into the wild.

What is the Blockalogue?
The Blockalogue will be a growing catalogue (get it??) of individual quilt block tutorials. These will range from traditional to modern to my own unique creations. Perhaps I'll even add in a few guest designers to spice things up a bit. At this stage I am planning for the tutorials to be released monthly, but it may become more frequent when time permits.

What do you mean 'individual quilt block tutorial'?
The tutorials I create will be for a single quilt block. For example, it will show you how to create an Ohio Star. Unlike the Beginner Quilt Along, these tutorials will not go into detail of creating an entire quilt, basting or quilting. Having said that, I will occasionally include directions for turning your quilt block into a fun small project such as a cushion cover, pin cushion or even a bag.

Will these be available as PDF's?
Yes. I intend on releasing the tutorials with photographic directions on the blog and as a free downloadable PDF with diagrams. You're welcome to print these and file them away in your own hard copy catalogue. If sharing with others, please direct them to download their own copy.

I guess this is for beginners then?
It is definitely aimed at the beginner quilter, but that does not mean it won't be of benefit to those more advanced. Depending on the block, I will be including measurements for different sizes, suggestions on how to use them in a quilt, and alternate piecing instructions. You may even decide to use the blocks to create your very own, unique sampler quilt.

Sooo...are you as excited as I am??? This is going to be so much fun!


  1. Will be fun to follow and download as the blockalogue goes along and then make into a quilt (when completed my UFO's)

    1. Thanks Karen. I think it'll be great fun to make a sampler style quilt from all the blocks :D