Friday, 8 August 2014

Organise Fat Quarters...Check.

Like most quilters, I'm addicted to fabric. I'm particularly fond of fat quarters. They're great for fattening your stash and they're always so pretty.

I really wanted to find a way to store all of my fat quarters together neatly, but still be able to see the design of the fabric. 
Neat and tidy.
I love being able to see the prints in full.
I found these magazine boards on eBay. They're like those used to store comic books but bigger...big enough for magazines in fact.
Magazine board and plastic sleeve.
I decided to buy the plastic sleeves too, as I thought they'd be a great way to keep the fabric folded neatly and protect it from dust. 
A fat quarter fits perfectly in the sleeve.
I found them a perfect size for fat quarters and large scraps. 
Magazine boards are a great size to wrap fat quarters neatly
If you leave the plastic off, you can even store up to a yard of fabric before the board gets a bit bendy. 
I'm just showing off some cuteness here.
I'm really happy with how they're stored. It's a much smarter use of space, they look great and I get a better view of the full print on each fat quarter. 
Another gorgeous print
The only downside is that it was an added expense, but, as far as I'm concerned, it was definitely worth it. I have a much better idea of what is in my stash now and it looks great...or at least it will once the rest of the room is clean. 

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