Friday, 2 August 2013

Easy does it

The 20 Minute Refashion

I bought this cute, long top at the op shop today and thought it'd be perfect for a refashioning project. To be honest, I could have just left it as is, but, I already have too many like it and let's face it, you're not here to read about me buying a top.

At first I was going to just chop it up and use the fabric to make a purse or something. Then I thought it would be ideal to show how easy it is to make a skirt, from a top. The seams and hems are already in place. It's really just a matter of removing the neck and arm openings and adding a waist band.

I checked that it would fit, before cutting anything, by quickly stepping into it, through the neck opening. The fabric had a great stretch and was super comfortable, with perfect length. I was ready to begin.

First, I laid the top flat on the desk and sliced off the arms and neck. I wanted to keep as much length as possible, so I cut directly below the arm openings. 

I used a rotary cutter and ruler, but you could easily use scissors. Just make sure your cutting line is straight.

I cut as close to the arm openings as possible, to maintain length.

Next, I measured a length of elastic against the top of the skirt. I didn't want any gathering around the waist, so I matched the elastic to the waist length exactly. 

Elastic measured to size and pinned, ready for sewing.

There are so many ways to sew an elastic casing. In this particular instance, I simply overlocked the raw edge, folded and pinned the waistband down, with the elastic already in place. I then used my zipper foot to sew the casing down. I didn't have much length to play with so I needed the waistband to be as narrow as comfort would allow.

I used a zipper foot to keep the elastic in place while sewing the casing closed.
This picture really highlights the colours in the fabric. Just beautiful.

In less than 20 minutes, I had made a brand new skirt from an old top : )

At first, I was worried about the outward curve at the top, but, once the skirt is on, the curve disappears.

I love projects like this. Quick and easy, but, still very rewarding.