Thursday, 6 August 2015

Embroidery Hoop Organiser Tutorial

Embroidery Hoop Organiser Tutorial
I can't remember where I first saw the idea of an embroidery hoop organiser, but it's been on my to-do list for quite some time now. If there's one thing I like it's a good mix of practical and funky. Needless to say, when Leesa from Craft Boxes approached me about writing a tutorial, I didn't exactly back away quietly. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this tutorial for you chance to win your very own Sew Box from Craft Boxes.

You will need:
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Batting - at least 2'' larger than the hoop
  • Fabric 1
  • Pocket One Fabric
  • (Optional) Pocket Two Fabric
  • (Optional) Felt for the back
Layout of organiser
Layout of organiser
I used fabric scraps from a previous project. As you can see in the image above, each fabric needs to be at least 2'' larger than than hoop. For the pockets, be sure to add an extra inch in length for the hem.

Step 1 - Hem the Pockets
Hem each pocket by folding down one edge 1/2'' then another 1/2'', to the wrong side. Press and sew in place.
Fold and press 1/2'' and another 1/2''
Fold and press 1/2'' and another 1/2''
Sew the hem in place
Sew the hem in place
Step 2 - Sew the Pocket One Dividers
On your table, place the Batting, Fabric 1 and Pocket One in order and with the right sides facing you. Rest the hoop on top, making sure the pocket is in the correct position. Place some tools along the pocket and pin in the gaps. Alternatively, leave out the tools, pin in the centre and about 2'' on either side of the centre.
Position the hoop on top of the layers
Position the hoop on top of the layers
Pin the gaps between the tools
Pin the gaps between the tools
Remove the hoop and sew through all three layers at each pin, from the hem of the pocket to the edge. You may like to draw a straight line to follow. I winged it as I had a disagreement with my chalk recently and I'm still not talking to it. In my defense, it did mark my project and refuse to come out.

Step 3 - Add Pocket Two (Optional)
If you are adding a second pocket, place it into position about an inch or two below Pocket One. You may like to pin the layers to stop them shifting, though it's not entirely necessary.
Check the positioning of Pocket Two
Check the positioning of Pocket Two
Step 3 - Trim to Size
Place the hoop on top, ensuring each layer of fabric is in the correct position.  Trim around the edge, approximately 1'' from the hoop. You want enough overhang so that the fabric will easily fold to the back of the hoop.
Trim layers to 1'' larger than the hoop don't even have to be neat
Step 4 - Prepare the Felt Back (Optional)
You don't necessarily need the felt back but I find it helps the hoop lie flat. Plus, it looks terribly professional.

Trace around the outside of the hoop on a piece of felt and cut it out.
Trace around the hoop
Trace around the hoop
Cut out the circle
Cut out the circle
Step 5 - Finish
Place the organiser into the hoop.  Be sure everything is even and firm before tightening the hoop.

Fold the overhanging fabric to the back of the hoop and glue in place. Alternatively, hand stitch a basting stitch on the overhanging fabric. Pull it gently to gather the fabric and neatly hide it at the back of the hoop.

Glue or hand stitch your felt circle to the back.
Glue/Stitch the felt to the back
Secure the felt to the back, with overhanging fabric hidden
Hang your fancy new organiser...then turn around and make about a dozen more because they're just too awesome.
Funky and Practical
Funky and Practical
A second organiser
 Giveaway Time
The lovely Leesa, from Craft Boxes, has very kindly donated one Sew Box, which is a Subscription Box from Crafty Boxes, to give away to one lucky reader. All you need to do to enter is comment below telling me what you would make for your sewing space with this month's Sew Box. Remember to include your email address so you can be contacted if you are the winner.  

What's in the August Sew Box I hear you ask? All sorts of fantastic goodies including....
  • Spotty Pastels Fat Quarter Pack 6 colours 50cm x 50cm
  • Heavy Weight Iron On Interfacing 90 x 1m
  • Coloured Heart Pins
  • Embroidery Hoop 20cm
  • Toggles 4 White
  • Elastic 8mm x 4m
  • Bias Tape Maker 25mm 
  • Rainbow Wonder Clips 14
  • Spotty Heart Wood Buttons 18, assorted colours
  • Birch Mini Sewing Kit
  • *NEW* Ironing Board Cover Pattern by Tigerlily Patterns
  •  *NEW* Machine & Overlocker Cover Pattern by TigerLily Patterns
  • *NEW* Sewing Machine Mat & Pin Cushion by TigerLily Patterns 
  • *NEW* Hoop Art Pattern by Molly and Mama
  •  Sew Box Fabric Baskets Tutorial
  • This Embroidery Hoop Organiser Tutorial 
Check out the Craft Boxes Facebook page for a picture of all the terrific goodies.

Terms and Conditions of the Competition
  1. Competition is open to Australian residents only.
  2. Only one comment per person.
  3. Entries close at 8PM AEST on Tuesday 11th August 2015. Any comments made after this time will not be considered.
  4. A winner will be selected from the entries by myself, Rachael Godfrey of Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow.
  5. The winner will be announced on this blog on Wednesday 12th August 2015.
  6. The winner will receive a single Sew Box, which is a Subscription Box from Craft Boxes. The prize is a single box only, not a subscription.
  7. If the prize is unclaimed, it will be redrawn on Friday 6th November 2015.


  1. I would love to make a machine cover and matching mat for my new #honestcraftspace

  2. I would love to make the embroidery hoop organiser using the buttons as embellishments

  3. I would love to make a beautiful machine cover, and the matching overlocker one. My poor overlocker has a sheet over it and my machine is naked!!

    I'm going to pin your tutorial to remind me to make an organiser for when my studio renovation is finished.

  4. I need to make a design wall,getting a bit hard crawling around the floor on the old knees! Love the hoop organiser & have one I can use this weekend.

  5. My ironing board needs some ironing space is getting smaller and smaller as I iron more and more heat and bond directly to the cover ��

    1. Hahaha sounds like a good plan ; )

      Good luck in the competition.

  6. My sewing machine needs a pretty cover! Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. I would make the Embroidery Hoop Organiser and maybe a pincushion. You can't have too many pincushions, can you!

  8. The fat quarter pack would be great for some fabric baskets and the leftovers I would use for a sewing machine mat first and then a matching hoop organiser to hang just in front of my machine so I'm subconsciously always being told to put my tools back where I can find them!

  9. Hoopla Hoopla The Sew Box is in Town. Patterns for pincushions, covers and baskets do abound. No wait, look what else I have found - a great idea for my sewing tools. Now to download the instructions and rules.

  10. I'd be making myself a sewing machine cover, it's been on my to do list for YEARS! Really live the embroidery hoop organiser too.

  11. A spotty pastel sewing machine cover with a hoop just like this to match... This months sew box looks fantastic :)


  12. My kiddies face would like up the most
    When a sweet little package arrives in the post
    "Unfortunately my darling two,
    The package this time is no for you."
    "Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow selected me"
    I'd have to tell them delightfully.
    With the Sew Box from Craft Boxes what will I make,
    The wonderful assortment it's going to be great.
    Those pastel fat quarters they look so great
    With the overlocker cover pattern that's what I'll make!
    Decorating with heart buttons that look so sweet,
    An additon to my sewing space and help get it neat.
    Hopefully not all the fabric it would use,
    Because second on my list is the Hoop Organiser I'd choose.
    With the kit having a hoop which the tutorial requires
    flicking through the options certainly inspires.

  13. It's cute but I'm SURE I'd pull it off the wall when I pulled anything out. �� (not entering contest, just commenting)

    1. I actually thought the same thing at first, but it's surprisingly sturdy. You could always find a stronger way to fix it to the wall, like a hook instead of a nail too :)

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