Sunday, 15 March 2015

An Eggcellent Quilted Mug Rug Tutorial

An Eggcellent Quilted Mug Rug Tutorial

Who's up for a little Easter fun? This week I will release a few Easter themed mug rug and placemat tutorials. We will then have a casual little 'choose your own adventure' sew along in our Facebook group, The Sew Quilty Workshop, where you can each create your own Easter delight and show it off to the other members.

I will start with my favourite: A quilted Easter egg mug rug. If you're not interested in quilting then have no fear, I will have a non-quilted version of this later in the week.

First of all you need an egg. No, not the chocolate sort. Well...OK...maybe have a few of them on hand, but what I'm talking about is a template. This can be any size or shape you desire. I drew Mr Eggy on half an A4 sheet of paper. As you can see, it doesn't need to be perfect.

Draw an egg shape to the size you want
Don't be jealous of my mad egg drawing skills. We can't all be artists.
After drawing, cut Mr Eggy out and you have your template.

HINT: I invented some very colourful new swear words when applying the bias binding to the top of my egg, so, I recommend not making it quite as narrow and pointy as I have here. If I were to make another I would draw him a little fatter on top, so the curves would be wider and easier to bind.

Next you need some fabric slightly larger than Mr Eggy. You might use a single piece of fancy fabric, fussy-cut something cool, or just sew some scraps together as I have done here. The fabric only needs to be slightly larger than the Mr Eggy and will be trimmed to size after the quilting.

Cut some fabric slightly larger than the egg
Cut or piece fabric slightly larger than Mr Eggy.
Make a quilt sandwich of backing fabric, batting and your front piece. Again, they all need to be slightly larger than Mr Eggy to account for any movement during quilting. I have used cotton batting.

Make the quilt sandwich
Make a quilt sandwich of top fabric, batting and backing fabric.
Quilt away. I chose simply straight line quilting, but any design would work.

Trim you quilt sandwich to Mr Eggy's shape. I used my rotary cutter but it would probably have been easier to draw around the shape with a fabric pencil and cut it out with scissors.

Quilt and trim to size.
Quilt and trim your egg to size.
Finally, bind the edge. You will need to use bias binding on account of the curves. I'll be honest here. I did find the binding a little fiddly, but that was because I made my top point too pointy.

I haven't included instructions for bias binding as Debra, from Stitching Rules, has already put together a fantastic tutorial here: How To Bind a Curve

Completed mug rug
An eggcellent mug rug indeed.
There you have it. Your quilted Easter egg mug rug is complete. The next tutorial will take you through how to make a similar egg, but without the quilting. Very easy and binding free!!! Plus, it's super cute.

Stay tuned for more and remember to jump on over to The Sew Quilty Workshop on Facebook and have a sticky beak at what everyone else is creating. You can also play along on Instagram with the hashtags #thesewquiltyworkshop and #eggcellentadventure.


  1. Mr Egg is a bit cute - perfect size for a cuppa and a chockie! And your binding looks great!

    1. Thanks :D Apparently a little someone in this house also thought he was a little bit cute as she seems to have claimed them for her own :/ Oh well. A good excuse to make more hahah