Thursday, 30 October 2014

U.F.October 2014 - Did You Finish the Unfinished?

If someone could please just slow time down a tad I'd really appreciate it. October 31 already?!?!? Did anyone else blink and miss a few months?

U.F.October 2014 was a roaring success. I didn't finish everything I had set out to do, but still achieved more than I thought I would.

My main accomplishment was this quilt, that ended up being a lot more popular than I imagined (I have included a short tutorial at the end of this post).
Finished HST Quilt
Finally finished!!!
I was also pretty impressed with my progress on the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM for 2013. I started with only five blocks done but managed to complete all 12 before the due date.
Gorgeous Star Block
My First House Block
My first house block
My second house block
My second house block

My third house block
I officially love house blocks
Favourite Block
This was definitely my favourite
Block 11
Though this is pretty cool too
Final Block
The final block...PHEW
Unfortunately, I realised I had completed some of my earlier blocks incorrectly so I need to do a little block surgery. On a completely unrelated note, it's always advisable to confirm your right and wrong sides of fabric before stating. Particularly if your fabric is cream with a white back. 

All in all, I'm really happy with my progress. It was interesting to see how my motivation had changed once I set myself a public goal of finishing particular tasks. I'm also now keen to keep the ball rolling and finish the other items...maybe even a few UFOs that didn't make it to the original list. 

Thanks everyone for joining in. You can see other crafty projects through #ufoctober2014 on Instagram.

Tell me. Did you get through your U.F.October 2014 wishlist?

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