Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My First Five Discoveries in Creating Quilt Patterns

As you probably know, I've spent the last few weeks tinkering with some designs for quilt patterns. It's certainly been an interesting time, so, I thought you might like to hear a little more about what I've discovered. 

Discovery 1
Once you have a potential design it moves into your head, parks on your brain couch, eats all your chips and refuses to leave. I seem to be dreaming quilt patterns. I have become quite talented at using drawing time with the poppet for sketching ideas. 'Another red triangle Mummy?

Discovery 2
There's a fine line between easy and boring, between pretty and torturously complex. I have already scratched a few designs because I couldn't even stay interested long enough to finish drawing them.

Discovery 3
It seems that other people don't like what I like??? Once I'm happy with an idea, I run it past my guinea pigs family to see what they think. Lucky for me they're always very honest (while still being supportive, of course). There have been more than a few scrunched up noses in the past couple of weeks.

Discovery 4
There are, officially, too many colours. There are just too many. I am quite happy with Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Purple thank you very much! You can take your Aubergine Dream and stick it where the Sunshine Paradise won't Raspberry Shine.

Discovery 5
It's fun, interesting, challenging and everything else I'd hoped for. Even if my patterns never see the light of day, I am still thoroughly enjoying every moment. Fingers crossed I feel this way after a few weeks/months/years.

Stay tuned for more discoveries as my tinkering continues.


  1. Love reading about your new venture! Sounds like you're doing amazingly!

    1. Thanks Jacqui : ) Sometimes my brain is ready to explode, but most of the time it's all just pretty colours and fun designs haha.