Wednesday, 20 August 2014

6 Reasons Why I Love Pre-cuts

It's no secret that I have a big girl crush on pre-cuts. Here are six reasons why I want to marry them and have lots of little pre-cut babies (is that where mini charms come from?). 
How can you not be saying "aaawwwwwww" right now?
1. I'm lazy. My least favourite part of quilting is cutting the fabric. I nearly always make a mistake and a small part of me dies every time I slice into those beautiful, perfect, pristine yards of my beloved fabric. Pre-cuts is like buying a frozen chicken. Someone else has done all the dirty work.

2. I feel a certain responsibility in keeping this planet safe. All of those wee little bundles, sitting around in the same location, will surely cause the Earth to implode in a giant ball of cuteness. I'm really doing it for you...You're Welcome.

3. I can never decide which fabrics to buy from a range. Pre-cuts let's me buy them all *cue Scrooge McDuck diving into his money vault*.

4. Playing with pre-cuts is like a grown up way of playing with tangrams. How can you not have fun trying to make interesting shapes out of boring old squares or strips? Sometimes, I even feel a little bit like MacGyver. "Ooo look. I made a panda using nothing more than 5'' squares and a paperclip."

5. I really like being able to just 'whip up a quilt'. I'm particularly fond of the part where people tell me how awesomely talented I am. If only they knew (I sure hope they're not reading this).

6. They make my stash look awesome. Need I say more?

Are you a pre-cut lover or a hater?

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