Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Upcycle: Playtime Hula Skirt

Upcycle: Playtime Hula Skirt

My darling daughter has decided that she absolutely MUST learn both surfing and hula dancing (we've been watching Lilo and Stitch). Unfortunately, Tasmania isn't really the Polynesian dance capital of the world, so I opted for a slightly less troublesome way of appeasing the gods of toddler demands and made her a hula skirt. This was such a quick and easy project that I thought I'd share the steps with you.

First of all, find an old adult sized t-shirt. I conveniently had this greenish one laying around waiting for just such an occasion.

Find an old adult t-shirt
Grab an adult sized t-shirt
Trim off the top, at around sleeve level, and the hem. You could measure the length you need, but I just sliced off and hoped for the best. Keep the side seams in place.

Chop off the top at the arms and the hem
Cut off the sleeves and hem.
Create some fringing by making cuts about 1/2'' - 1'' apart. Stop a few inches from the top to allow for a waistband or elastic casing. A rotary cutter makes this a breeze. You don't need to be too accurate as it will all just curl up anyway.

Cut some fringing
Create fringing
Add a waistband or elastic casing. I used whatever elastic I had laying around (I think it was 3/4'' or something) and sewed it into a casing at the top of the skirt, like you would for any simple skirt. Other possibilities are a yoga style waistband or fold-over elastic.

Hula Skirt
Hula Skirt
I can see this working for other costumes too. For example, a Pocahontas style dress, pirate skirt, or pretty much anything that needs a little swishy action. I'm even thinking up ways it could work for something for myself.

After over 24 hours she has finally, reluctantly, handed it over for a wash (yes, she even slept in it last night). I guess I'm off to find some more shirts to make a few backup skirts.

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