Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pretty Skirts All in a Row

Coming soon to Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow is a series of beginner sewing tutorials I have affectionately named Pretty Skirts All in a Row.

We will start with what I like to call the Blank Canvas Skirt. No, it's not made of canvas LOL. This is a great starter project, involving simple techniques that will make you fall in love with sewing and create a great garment in the process. For girls and women alike, you'll be making these by the dozen.

The Blank Canvas Skirt

Next will be a simple border skirt. Using techniques from the first tutorial, we will advance our skills and add just a touch of fancy to the collection.

Update: Click here for the Simple Border Skirt tutorial.

The Simple Border Skirt

Finally, we will tackle some slightly more complex techniques, like gathering, to make this gorgeous little tiered skirt. Trust me, this one will fast become the favourite.

Update: Click here for the Tiered Skirt tutorial.

The Tiered Skirt

Each tutorial will progress from the previous giving you the opportunity to practice old techniques and learn some new ones. I might even throw in a few of the neat little cheaty-tricks I like to use to make my sewing life easier.

So, grab your machine and prepare for your journey into my sewing mind ; )

Rachael xx

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