Thursday, 8 October 2015

Stitchin' Head People: The creative way to keep treasured drawings

Stitching Head People: The creative way to keep treasured drawings

If your child is anything like mine then your house is probably filled with drawing after drawing of head people. These delightful characters seem to be the starting point for the budding artist and usually consist of a head, legs, arms and a face. Sometimes there'll even be hands and feet, knees, elbows, eyebrows or cheeks.

I love head people. I wish I could keep every single head person that has been so loving sketched. Unfortunately, to do so would require some sort of Tardis storage system and that doesn't seem like the best use of such advanced alien technology.

After a particularly enjoyable head drawing, I decided that there was only one course of action. I would simply have to embroider a copy to be forever hung on the wall (once I find a suitable frame that is).

Head Drawing
The Head People Family
This was a super easy project that I took absolutely no progress photos of hahaha. Sorry about that. Long story short, I traced the drawing on to fabric and then back-stitched along the lines to make the drawing. I used 3 strands of DMC thread to make it nice and thick. You could use any thread and stitch you like. I wanted to keep it nice and easy. It really was that simple.

Finished embroidered head family
Finished Head Family
LOVE IT!!! Here's a peek at my next project...

Poppy and his 'whiskets'
Poppy and his 'whiskets'
What do you think? Do you have a few head person portraits that need storing?